The Case of the Missing Book Club

The sleuth-hounds and trainspotters amongst you might have noticed that my Agatha Christie Book Club series vanished from the face of the earth—or online book shelves at least—a few months ago (a special shout-out to Canadian reader Andrew K who sent a lovely note wondering where they had got to!)

At last I can answer the mystery, or at least let you know why the title has now morphed into The Murder Mystery Book Club (did you spot the difference, above?) and why the next three installments have all had their titles slightly tweaked (below).

Wider waters, fresher seas…

As you well know, I’ve always been a massive fan of Agatha Christie, even the clueless can work that one out. But I never wanted to step on Christie’s toes or try to replicate her books (I wouldn’t dare!), nor did I want to fence myself in.

And so I have republished all four books in the series with a more encompassing (and less confusing) title: The Murder Mystery Book Club. This gives my inquisitive book clubbers (and readers) a chance to explore other crime writers, which we do in future books.

But let me assure you: despite the title changes, the first four stories remain the same, with the same eclectic characters, intriguing plots and twist-laden endings.

Let me repeat that:


So if you’ve already read them, thank you and look out for the next story in 2022 (more on Book 5, later, but it promises to be fresh and exciting).

If you HAVEN’T read the original series, all four books are now available again online as The Murder Mystery Book Club. The eBooks are on sale for just $2.99 each at Amazon. Other eRetailers and the paperbacks will follow shortly.


I hope that clears things up, and don’t forget, I recently launched the first book in a whole new crime series—The Sleuths of Last Resort—and you can download that everywhere in all forms, now. For more on that, scroll to the bottom…