The Balancing Cane by Robin Densmore Fuson


How is your balance? 

My mother uses a cane to
walk. This is a recent addition to her wardrobe and she rocks the style with
grace and ease. She is a regal woman with a wide-footed black cane and her
steps are now sure. Unfortunately, she suffers from neuropathy so her
circulation lacks the rigorous flow like oil from a Texas drilling rig. It now
resembles the drip forming a stalactite hanging inside a cave. The lack of
circulation caused numbness in her precious feet.

Our brains get
information coming in from all sources at the speed of light or faster. One of
those sources is from the person’s feet. When feet touch the ground or floor,
the information zips to the brain. The brain then steadies the body for
balance. That person walks around all day, upright and steady.

When feet can’t feel the
surface of the ground or floor, there isn’t any information to pass to the
brain, thus imbalance occurs. A touch to a wall zooms information to the brain
and balance is regained. Any hard surface touched will help in the process. Carrying
a well-built wall around is impossible, so my momma has wisely chosen a cane,
as her stabling wall.

In the small group at her
church, she gave a testimony of this information and then made an insightful
application. “If we as God’s children don’t keep in touch with our Creator, Heavenly
Father, and Jesus through the Holy Spirit, we lose balance. We falter. We may

The Lord is our solid
rock, our strong tower, and our guide. Jesus’ shepherd’s staff is what we lean
on. He is our balance. We need to talk to Him daily. We need to be grounded in
His word. We need Him in our lives as the steady comforter and protector to
keep us from falling into despair or sin.

I need Him for my balance
or I get out of balance. Sometimes, I let the world sway me. Or I let my
feelings take over then I’m out of whack. We need balance in our lives so we
see truth and love and can forgive.

How is your balance? Do
you need to reach out and touch Him? Is He your point of reference? Your
grounding?  He is right there waiting for
you. He wants us to lean on Him like a cane for our balance.         

name of the Lord is a strong
tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.
(Proverbs 18:10 nkjv)

who is God except the Lord? Who
but our God is a solid rock?
(2 Samuel 22:32 and
Psalm 18:31 nkjv)