Take Care of Your Memories

    Memories are described in words when we want to share them with others. In our minds, memorable and not so memorable events are replayed in our mind’s eye like old movies.

    We believe when we recollect the happening from the past that we piece together the facts as they really happened, but of course, that is not the case. Our brain selects only certain pieces and puts them together, retrieved and decoded from the deep dark sections of our brain.

    Depending on how old they are however the quality can be grainy and faded like a well-worn jigsaw puzzle. Words of love, anger, fear, envy, pity, joy, friendship and sadness whirl around in our heads until they are added as the crackly soundtrack.

     Distant memories can pop into our head for no apparent reason at all, others because words we have read or pictures we have looked at act as a trigger for our recollection process.
    If we want to communicate our feelings now we are likely to use one, or more of the many electronic communication tools that are available to us.

    The messages we receive are unlikely to stay in our possession forever as they will be lost through time. They cannot be stored in a box like the old cards and letters that many generations before us kept, to capture memories forever. That is really sad I think.

    The larger cards in the picture were part of my Aunt’s collection and are all forty plus years old. They are filled with words of motherly love from her mother, my grandmother and live on after both are no longer with us.

    The little notelets in the background are ones that I wrote to her thanking her for the gifts and kindness that she bestowed upon me all of my life.

    There is nothing in this small collection that is grainy, faded or crackly. She took care of her memories.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.

                                            Bob Dylan