Stirring Thoughts

    I watched a movie yesterday. In fact it was one of several. Okay, movies are my guilty pleasure since becoming a bed potato.  The title of the film is totally irrelevant and to be honest it’s not a movie I’m liable to recommend, write a rave review about, or even remember about next week.
    However, what I did like about it was the underlying message, that I took from it. The message being that sometimes after  being with someone for a long number of years we actually forget why we got together in the first place.
    So as St Valentines day is approaching fast, here is one of my poems that reminds me of why I’m with my significant other.
      Weekend hugs to you all. xx
Today and Forever
I feel your touch and my skin burns
Filling me with excitement and delight
Your lips upon mine send tingling through my body
Like nothing I have ever felt before
The love you and I express, I know is real
A love that we can share today and forever

Christina Rowell