Special #December #Podcast Series! Blondie Shares #TwelveDays of #MiddleGrade #ReadingRecommendations: Wizards of Once by @CressidaCowell

Welcome back, my fellow creatives! I’ve always been thrilled to see how much my three little Bs love to read, but it makes my heart melt to hear my daughter Blondie say she wants to do a podcast with me to share her favorite books. When I said we could make a little “12 Days of Christmas” style series in December, Blondie whipped through her books and picked twelve for us to study. She even designed our banner with her favorite fantasy creature. x

So here we are! I’m blessed to have such amazing kindred spirits in my life, and I am so very blessed to have a daughter who loves storytelling as much as I do.

On the twelfth day of Blondie’s Books, my daughter gave to me:

Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell

That’s right! We’ve come full circle by returning to the author which jumpstarted this series. 🙂 What does a reader experience in those opening pages, and what lessons can a writer take away in studying but a few paragraphs? Let’s find out!

If you do not see the audio player above, you can access the podcast here.

Why did you pick this book, Blondie?

I was reading the How to Train Your Dragon book series at the time and I was in a Cressida Cowell craze. I read the first few words and was instantly hooked! Cressida writes her books well. If you have a loved one who is interested in fantasy, this is the author for them.

Thank you all so much for sipping the many flavors of my daughters’ favorite story-brews! May your own holidays be full of adventure and magic that only you–and the young readers of your life–can spark to life.

Until we meet again in 2022…Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!