So Many Writing Resources to Choose From

First of all, I was so tempted to say, “From which to choose,” but I chided myself to write without sounding like a formal author.

I like to read about what other writers think, but you could spend all day going through blogs. Then I came across a daily email option from Feedspot.

You’ve probably heard of them as the group that posts about the 100 best writing blogs. Their selections are excellent; I look at many of them.

What I also did was go to and sign up for a a daily email on writing blog posts. You can quickly go through the 10 or 20 titles offered and pick those to read. I generally spend about 10 minutes on it, and occasionally save links to some of the posts.

There is an option to pay a monthly fee o $2.99 (paid annually). However, you can choose to “pay now” with PayPal, and you get the email without a fee. There are additional services for the fee, but I don’t need them. 

Essentially, you have a curated list of good posts about writing and publishing. Saves you time and you can literally learn something new every day.

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