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Gallows Wake – the 6th Sea Witch Voyage

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Monday 31st October  Deborah Swift’s Blog

Today I talk about why I started the series and mention Voyage3 Bring It Close, Jesamiah is in trouble – trouble follows him like a ship’s wake – but this time in trouble with his wife, Tiola, and Governor Spotswood of Virginia. Against Jesamiah’s better judgement he finds himself embroiled in plans to rid the seas of the most notorious pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy – Blackbeard! There are complications, though. (1) How to placate his irate wife. (2) How to stay alive long enough to achieve 1, and (3) What to do about, and ignore, his dead father? Ghosts do not exist. Or do they? If they don’t, then who is the chap hanging around the Virginia plantation where Jesamiah grew up? The chap who seems to be keeping a close eye on what Jesamiah is up to? And it just so happens, that much of Bring It Close is set in October – at Hallowe’en!


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Monday 28th    Tony Riches The Writing Desk

Wednesday 30th  Pauline Barclay

Gallows Wake – the 6th Sea Witch Voyage
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