#SaturdayStarter Alpha Eternal

#SaturdayStarter features one story, specifically the beginning of the story. The beginning of the book will be shared along with the book blurb and where you can find the book in case the opening piques your interest. Happy reading!

“That is one dumb-ass plan, Stephan!” Malice dripped from Tatiana’s voice when she turned and faced the leader of the Alpha Council.

“Tatiana,” Demetri admonished softly, though every vampire in the room heard the castigation.

When the female warrior rounded on her mate, the daggers which shot from her eyes would have been enough to quell most males. As the only female on the Alpha Council, their leader, Stephan, granted her a certain amount of leeway. However, the look of censure on his face matched the tone in her mate’s voice.~Alpha Eternal by Brenda Sparks

Book Blurb: Alexander Hall is a fun-loving vampire whose duty comes before all else, except maybe finding a heartmate. Discouraged when he is assigned to infiltrate a demonic compound, Alex plans on getting in and out fast, but fate has other plans. Once Alex discovers a sexy demon from his past is chosen as his guide, he couldn’t be more pleased.

Shira is a demon who likes to keep to herself, so when the demon king asks her to be Alex’s guide, she couldn’t be less pleased. Keeping the vampire from discovering demon secrets quickly becomes a fulltime job. A job she didn’t ask for and most definitely doesn’t want.

With the vampire’s desire for someone to commit his heart to and the demon looking to run as far away as possible, how will fate intervene to bring this unlikely couple together?

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