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A young man walked into Jack Carlton’s bar and said, “There’s been an accident at the plant…” A chemical explosion killed twenty-three scientists. Carlton could not call for help because all the landlines were down, and they could not get a signal on their cellphones. On the way to a nearby town to get help, he is intercepted by an Army roadblock and told the town was under quarantine. Back in town, the surviving scientist tells everybody the plant was secretly making a biological weapon, BA-47. A conspiracy to kill everybody in town … Can Carlton avert the threat?

BA-47 is a simple novella with a familiar theme: secret laboratories, a government cover-up, struggle to reveal the truth to the public. P.S. Winn is not overly concerned with characterization or convoluted plotting, concentrating on giving readers a fast-paced story. This lack of character and story depth is fine for young readers, but will leave others unsatisfied. Expanded, this would make a great political thriller. Nevertheless, BA-47 is an entertaining read.

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