Readers reviews

Many authors don’t read their reviews as negative remarks or ratings affect their creative muse. We’ve all been there, the one negative remark blots out the 20 compliments you are given. I have always read my reviews, I hope I always will. I find them useful in many ways. Firstly, as the initial reaction to my books – always a relief when my dedicated readers are happy. Secondly, I note the particluar elements which they enjoyed and highlighted; these become the ingredients for future books. My plot ingredients tends to be love, life and laughter with a sprinkling of loss. The settings, locations, character traits are frequently commented on by readers and again, I take note of any helpful snippet.

I’m not saying is doesn’t ‘sting’ when you receive a negative review, but I can’t please all readers with my style of story telling. No artist ever can! Monet didn’t paint a waterlily which pleased us all, John Lennon didn’t pen the perfect song and Rodin couldn’t capture the human form – if they can’t, I certainly won’t!