Proofs have landed!

My last blog post outlined how my CampNaNoWriMo plan for April needed to change because my structural edits for my Christmas book had landed. I rejigged the plan enabling me to complete the edits by deadline day and still spend a small amount of time each day on my CampNaNoWriMo … well, that plan has also changed! On Friday, my proofreading for the summer book arrived. 

To put this into context mentally, April’s CampNaNoWriMo story revolving around characters X, Y and Z has been bumped aside for the story about Lowry, Helen and Martha, but now the story about Beth, Koo and Lulu needs my attention instead. My poor brain, I love how it can switch projects and still remember who is who and which plot I’m working on!

The amended-amended-plan, for this weekend: proofread my summer book which will take approximately 12 hours to read aloud in the hope of finding errors/typos and submit back to editors. Come Monday morning, I’ll return to the structural edits with Lowry, Helen and Martha as my main focus, with some time spent each day on X, Y and Z plot!

​If you’re keeping up – well done!

Update: Proofreading complete – I spotted 29 typos, additional spaces or missing full stops. Fingers crossed, the professional proofreaders find things I might have missed! My voice sounds like Bonnie Tyler’s but there is no other way for me to proofread a book other than reading it aloud. Job done! I’ll next see this book on 20th July – publication day!