Planned reading – autumn

As mid-August draws near my mind has already sprung forward into autumn; my favourite time of the year! Since childhood, I’ve always aligned September with January in relation to new beginnings and goal setting – this year is no different.
For the forthcoming season, I’m going to focus on reading my ‘classics’ – something I’ve let slide in recent months as I’ve tried to juggle modern fiction alongside. For the remainder of 2021 I’m heading back in time!

Like most bookworms, I plan my reading order, record my completed books and actively seek out specific books to enhance my experience. To a non-reader that must sound crazy but its what us bookworms do. I can get as much enjoyment from selecting a pile of books to fill the next three months as others would from a night out. Seriously, that’s simply me being honest!

I currently have a ‘book challenge’ which I’m partway through but I’ve come across a stumbling block; I can’t remember how three listed books end, so have refused to scribble them from my challenge list. I definitely read them years ago, could discuss them if someone asked, but for the life of me I can’t remember the endings. So, my September read, or more specifically ‘reread’, is to revisit the following three books.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Wilde
Mrs Dalloway – Woolf
The Catcher In The Rye – Salinger      

Each book is a short read, so by 30th September I’ll have the satisfaction of crossing them from my book challenge, once and for all.

In October, I’m thinking of tackling an epic read – one of the chunky doorstoppers which litter my book shelves; I’m tempted by Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. November might be claimed by Hardy’s Jude The Obscure and December … well, I haven’t got that far in my planning but I can hear Dickens’ calling to me!