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About the Book

Sophie and Hector are heading to the Highlands.
For Sophie it’s a trip home and for Hector it’s time to meet Sophie’s parents… Though their trip has village tongues wagging about a stop at Scotland’s notorious elopement spot, Gretna Green.
No matter what, it’ll make a nice break from the murder and mayhem that has been plaguing their beautiful Cotswolds village. But Sophie and Hector are barely across the border on the way to Inverness before a sinister encounter leaves them shaken.
Then comes a series of mishaps that leave poor Hector a little worse for wear. Is someone after Hector? Why is he certain the attacks are just accidents? Sophie is determined to find out.
Starting and finishing at the Hector’s House bookshop in Wendlebury Barrow, this adventure is Debbie Young’s celebration of Scotland as her second favourite place after the Cotswolds, and will make you feel as if you’ve taken a trip to the Highlands yourself!

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About Debbie Young
I write warm, witty, feel-good contemporary fiction full of English humour, inspired by life in the Cotswold village which has been my home for over 30 years. Originally self-published, in 2022 I was delighted to win a 13-book contract with the multiple-award-winning Boldwood Books for my novels, a 7-book audio contract with Saga Egmont, and a German rights deal with DP Verlag.
I write two series of novels set in the Cotswolds. Currently working on my eleventh novel, I have been commissioned by Boldwood Books to add a new book to each series every year. .
My Sophie Sayers Village Mystery series begins with “Best Murder in Show”. The first seven books run the course of a calendar year in the life of the idyllic English Cotswold village of Wendlebury Barrow. Boldwood Books is republishing the first seven in new editions (some under different titles). The eighth in the series will be published in the spring of 2023.
My Gemma Lamb Cozy Mystery series is a mashup of romantic comedy, gentle mystery and nostalgia for classic children’s school stories. begins with “Dastardly Deeds at St Bride’s” (previously published as “Secrets at St Bride’s”), and is followed by “Sinister Secrets at St Bride’s” (formerly “Secrets at St Bride’s”). The all-new “Wicked Whispers at St Bride’s” was published by Boldwood Books on 14th November 2022.
By the spring of 2023, all of my novels will be available in all formats in the English language, including ebook, paperback, hardback, large print and audio. DP Verlag are publishing the first three Sophie Sayers novels in German translation as ebooks.
My series of comedy mystery novelettes, Tales from Wendlebury Barrow, is set in the same world as the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries. The first, “The Pride of Peacocks”, is available exclusively to members of my Readers’ Club (see below to find out how to get your copy). “The Natter of Knitters” and “The Clutch of Eggs” are available in ebook and paperback, and more stories in this series will follow.
I have published one novella, “Mrs Morris Changes Lanes”, a second-chance mid-life romantic comedy with a touch of magical realism, set in the Cotswolds in Spring,
I’ve also published three themed collections of short stories, “Stocking Fillers”, “Marry in Haste”, and “Quick Change”.

My Review

***** 5 stars
The latest adventure for Sophie Sayers and her bookshop owner boyfriend, Hector is another wonderfully entertaining cosy crime mystery, set, this time in the Highlands of Scotland instead of the usual Cotswolds village setting.
Their holiday, visiting Sophie’s mum and dad, however, is marred by a murder and several unsettling incidents (no spoilers!) leaving Sophie and Hector to figure out what is going on. We visit a bookshop with them, go swimming, stroll along the banks of the River Ness – oh and so much more that it almost felt that I was on holiday with them, (with no worries about the bothersome mosquitos or lurking murderers!) 
Sophie and Hector are superb characters, created by Debbie Young, an equally superb writer. The books are easy reads, but absorbing and engrossing, and it doesn’t really matter in which order they are read, although I highly recommend starting at the beginning. 
Settle down in a comfy chair, put your feet up – and enjoy!

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