My Review of The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer


My Review of The Armor
of God by Priscilla Shirer

I did this study many years ago but neglected to write a review.
This is a Bible study for large or small groups. Priscilla is insightful and
easy to understand and delightful to watch on video. She breaks down Ephesians
6:10-19 with it printed in the book. The armor of God is the focus and
Priscilla starts with sizing up the enemy. Each piece of the armor—that we
already have—needs to be used every day. Our enemy is deceptive and wicked and
can attack at any moment. Are we ready? Many teachers fail to add verses 18 and
19. These verses tell us what is vital and needed before putting on the pieces
of armor.

When I did the study, we averaged around thirty women to watch the
video then divided up into smaller groups for the discussion. I was blessed to
be able to lead one of those groups. You always get out what you put in, so I
recommend doing all of the homework. I liked the prayer cards in the back and
that in each lesson, there was room to write. Also on the back pages is a list
of references of who you are in Christ that I refer to still today.

This is a must-do study to build your faith as well as your
understanding of who you are in Christ as well as who your enemy is.

I would love to give this study 10*, but alas, they tank out at