My reading-retreat begins!

This week sees the beginning of my reading-retreat, as I’m calling it. For once in my life, I have two tasks … to rest and read – everything else has been scrapped from my daily routine and diary. I’m surprised at how quickly I adapt to these ‘self-imposed’ status quo, be it a duration in isolation or a reading retreat!

I’m surrounded by my home comforts, in my nan’s old armchair, wiling away the hours with snacks, chilled cordials and a pile of books! 

Over the coming weeks, ​I have every intention of devouring my reading list, whilst slowly reintroducing writing into my routine.*

* Followers know that CampNaNo starts on 1st July – yes, I’ve opted for a 30,000 word goal! Don’t moan at me … there’s nine days of reading beforehand.