My Middle Child

The middle child of a large family is always put in a difficult position: not as favored as the eldest, nor as pampered as the youngest. They try harder for less rewards.

The middle book of a trilogy is in pretty much the same. Absolutely necessary to bridge the story from beginning to end, it often gets less love. I did my best for “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove”: more sex, more magick, maybe less power tools. It has my closest approximation of “The pellet with the poison is in the flagon with the dragon” with Eleazar trying to out-talk a telepathic witch. And the ending left one fan calling me “an evil little man.”

This is the week to love my middle child/book. I have it priced at 99 cents until the 22nd. That’s a pretty good rate for sex-conjured magickal constructs, reanimated roadkill, and fisticuffs on New Year’s Day.