My Coffee Pot Guest: Griffin Brady – The Hussar’s Duty

The Winged Warrior Series Book #3
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About the Book

Book Title: The Hussar’s Duty

Series: The Winged Warrior

Author: Griffin Brady

Publication Date: May 18,

Publisher: Trefoil Publishing

Page Length: 538

most valiant winged hussar is called to fight in a campaign ripe for disaster.
But he must also protect those he loves from jackals waiting to pounce. How
does he choose between duty and devotion when death is on the line?

When Sultan Osman II sends Poland’s envoy packing, the Commonwealth must
prepare for war against one of the largest armies the Ottomans have ever
assembled. Tasked with repelling the invasion is Grand Hetman of the Crown
Stanisław Żółkiewski, and he knows who to turn to: Jacek Dąbrowski, the
Commonwealth’s most valiant Polish winged hussar.

Jacek has been idle far too long, and the call to arms is a siren’s song he
can’t resist. But he has built a life far from the battlefield with his wife,
Oliwia, and their children. If he pursues his quest for glory, who will
safeguard them?

Oliwia knows her husband is restless. In fact, she’s been sending Jacek on
cross-country errands for years in the hopes of quelling his lust for battle.
When she realizes her efforts are futile, she resolves herself to letting him
go—after hatching a scheme to accompany him.

Honor. Obligation. Devotion. These forces push and pull Jacek in different
directions. His country needs him, but so does his family. Where does his duty
lie? His choice will cause catastrophic ripples no matter which path he follows
… and could very well bring the loss of his loved ones or his life.

Will the cost of defending king and country prove too steep for this warrior?

This is a standalone continuation in The
Winged Warrior Series.

This title is available to read on #KindleUnlimited.

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Read An Excerpt

Excerpt #2: Chapter 23 – Tremors

Oliwia had
donned her cloak and exited the castle walls, making for St. Lawrence’s vaulted
vestibules, black-and-white marble tiled floors, and high windows that threw
down prismed light. She should have arranged for a male escort, but said males
in her party were engaged in the tiltyards. Besides, Nadia walked beside her,
they were within the walls of the city, and the sun was high in the early
afternoon sky.

scurried across Viche Square into the welcoming embrace of the cathedral’s
walls. Nerves that had been jangling off and on for days suddenly calmed as she
dipped her fingers in the font’s cool water, genuflected, and crossed herself
under the watchful eyes of the archangels high above the glorious altar. She had
come to love those angels.

place was stunning … and mostly empty, which gave her an opportunity to linger
as long as she pleased. She lit candles for each of her children, her brother,
and Jacek, before selecting a pew close to the front. Kneeling, she bent her
head over her hands clasped in prayer, dimly aware that Nadia sat several pews

Mary, Mother of God, I beseech
you, please protect …

long her prayers ran on and how much she repeated them, she could not say. When
she lifted her head, shadows moved across the high windows. Glancing over her
shoulder, she glimpsed Nadia sitting, rather than kneeling, and the maid seemed
to be asleep. Oliwia suppressed a smile and sent one last prayer heavenward.
She made to rise, but her knees and lower legs had gone numb. Eyes cast
downward, she rearranged herself and grasped the pew to heave herself to her
feet. A looming shadow, followed by a rank smell, had her eyes flying fully
open. A man she did not recognize stood beside her, broadside to the altar so
that he faced her side.

crowded her. “Ain’t this a fortunate coincidence?” Breath fouled with the smell
of decaying teeth and spirits blasted her, and his raspy voice sent alarm bells
clanging in her head. She knew that voice! She turned to run, but a viselike
grip clamped down on her arm. “Such a fine, fine lady. I have been dreaming of
you ever since our encounter, my pet. Let’s go somewhere quiet where we can
become better acquainted and tend to our unfinished business.”

My pet?

seized her, and she kicked out, landing a blow to the man’s inner thigh. She
had missed her mark, but he howled nonetheless, giving her a split second to
whirl and run to the main aisle. Nadia startled to life and took off in the
opposite direction toward one of the chapels. Behind Oliwia, the man thumped
his way along the pew, though his steps were clumsy, uneven.

unhampered by the pew, Oliwia ran shrieking down the aisle.
Highwayman! Help!”

stunned priest and several worshippers were congregated in a portal. The priest
shouted for a guard, and Oliwia slowed enough to look over her shoulder. Her
would-be attacker was headed for the sanctuary with all haste, but Nadia …
Where was Nadia?

About the Author

Griffin Brady is an award-winning historical fiction author with a keen interest in the Polish Winged Hussars of the 16th and 17th centuries. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Her debut novel, The Heart of a Hussar, was a finalist for the 2021 Chaucer Early Historical Fiction Award and a 2021 Discovered Diamond.

The proud mother three grown sons, she lives in Colorado with her husband. She is also an award-winning bestselling romance author who writes under the pen name G.K. Brady.

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