Monday Memories: Big Idea #7


“Dear God, please stop my mother. She is now making me perform in a recital while wearing a dress. A pink dress, Lord. Can you see how devastating this is? I shall surely perish, and it won’t even be a romantic or dramatic death. The piano will swallow me, Lord. Right when I’m on stage. So, please, please, please stop my mother.”

After this prayer was when I realized that sometimes God answers with the word, “No.”

I ended up learning a song. I can’t remember what it was called. Who would? It sure wasn’t Lookin’ For Love or the theme song from The Dukes of Hazzard.

I played well. No problems. And I managed to live through the embarrassment of being a redhead wearing pink. However, this torture was another strike against learning how to play. When would I ever need to know how? Never.

However, little did I know, it was the first time I would ever be on stage with a certain someone. I didn’t know we’d been in the same recital until I was a senior in high school and starting to scrapbook. I came across a picture and was astounded when I saw this person standing next to me.

This person was very special to me when I was older. And my mom managed to get me close to him or her. How’d she know?

Of course…..this is Big Idea #7. So….I’m not surprised it would end up being important.

But, let’s be clear, this was an accident. My mother had nothing to do with it. Playing the piano was still a soul-crushing waste of time.