Maximum Ride by James Patterson

2007, Key Stage 3,  Key Stage 4, ages 10-13, lower secondary,

This is a fast-paced adventure.  The flock is a group of young people who have been genetically modified to have some characteristics of birds. They can and do fly. There are other manipulated part-human species and all of these hybrids have an expiry date.  Meanwhile certain scientists and politicians are aiming to create a perfect world where only the fittest are allowed to survive.
Max must keep her flock safe and together they must save the world. 
Most of the time we are in Max’s first person point of view though she does leave the stage occasionally and then we have a third person narrative from the point of view of another significant character. James Patterson has captured Max’s voice very well.  She is an extraordinarily feisty female and also very natural and believable.  
There is some romance but it is not at all slushy. 
The pace and the readers’ interest are maintained by delightfully short chapters.