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Kelpies and Writing

Where has the time gone since my first post of the new year on January 1st? It doesn’t bode well for the blog that it’s now almost two weeks later and I’ve only just remembered about it!

However, I have been getting on with the novel that’s already nearing 50,000 words so that’s a positive step in the right direction. And I’ve only one more novel to read for the SAW competition, although I’ll need to write a thorough (helpful) critique for them. I also sent a poem off, albeit one that had some success in competitions years ago but has never been published yet.

As for the Creativity Journal – I’ve still to really get into it but have been reading some affirmation and mindfulness cards now and then. I feel more creative since the year began and (so far) a little more in control. Long may it continue.

One of my essential activities throughout the year, along with husband, is to make time for outings at the weekend, even if it’s just coffee and a walk. I’ve finally made a list this year of places still to visit that are not too far for a morning or day out.

One of those was to visit the famous Kelpies near Falkirk, previously only seen from the motorway. So that was this weekend’s jaunt, and very impressive they are too. There’s a canal walk and lots of park area with paths so we’ll be going back in better weather to explore further. An added enjoyment was discovering a new restaurant nearer the Falkirk Wheel owned by the same family as the one we used to enjoy in our former village and at Loch Lomond!

Funnily enough, one of my poems published last year in the Wild Musette Journal was called Where Kelpies Sing, so now I actually have a photo of the Kelpies to go with it.

If anyone is writing children’s fiction, the Kelpies Prize from Scottish publisher Floris closes on February 28th.