Many followers probably haven’t realised that I’m currently living in isolation, awaiting a major operation. A temporary situation that was planned to end by 25 January 2023, except it didn’t and now, it’s May!
Apart from a few hours, once a week when I collect shopping and my regular jogging sessions, I’m at home. Like a tiny hermit crab, hiding from the rest of the world to avoid nasty bugs and infections, awaiting that hospital call. I did make an exception on my birthday and snuck out for an entire day to celebrate.
My world has become incredibly small compared to the active life I had last year, filled with social and interest groups. My computer screen has become a portal on which I rely thanks to daily zoom sessions and the internet for entertainment and escapism.
I’m grateful that my work supports such a situation otherwise I would have been in dire straits. Likewise, I’m blessed in enjoying many house-bound hobbies which have filled my time and occupied my mind since 19th December – 135 days ago!
I endured a similar but different situation some twenty-odd years ago, so not a first for me. Though I probably won’t ever encounter such a stark situation as this again, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that my mind is brewing a story capturing the essence of isolation.

And that’s the beauty of being a creative – to adapt, respond and find a workable solution to any situation.

Hopefully, later in the year, I’ll be able to book and attend library talks, writers’ conferences and book festivals, until then I’ll be using my time wisely.