What would you do if you came home to find your family had been slaughtered?

Rose Baines discovers the carnage. Having lived with an insane, incestuous father was bad enough. It was just as well that he killed himself, but why take his wife, son and two young daughters with him?

This discovery is so horrific, madness descends and Rose is incarcerated in two madhouses. As the novel is set in Victorian England, a madhouse is the only option.,

Thus begins Rose’s story. You can be with her as it unfolds. You will question why her doctor wishes to send her to Blackstone House to be a governess. You see he is so adamant. Perhaps she’s not ready. Perhaps…!


Book 1 in The Blackstone Vampires Series begins the award winning series.
All four books in the series are priced at $2.99

You can buy all four novels as a boxed set for $3.99


“92 Horror authors you need to read right now’

Carole Gill — the Blackstone Vampires series

~Charlotte Books EXAMINER
“In the attempt to find the just measure of horror and terror, I came upon the writing of Carole Gill whose work revealed a whole new dimension to me. The figure of the gothic child was there. Stoker’s horror was there. Along with the romance! At the heart of her writing one stumbles upon a genuine search for that darkness we lost with the loss of Stoker.” 
~Dr. Margarita Georgieva ~ Gothic Readings in The Dark

Best Horror, Best Villain (Eco) The House on Blackstone Moor
~eFestival of Words 2014

“Worth its Weight in Blood”
Indie Reader

“Top 10 Books 2013”
~All Things Fantasy 

“I for one found this gloriously gothic, refreshingly brutal, honestly horrific and a great read.” 

~Taliesin Meets the Vampires