Episode Nine in Progress!

I had a lot of the plot of Episode Nine forming in my head while I was still writing Episode Eight. Despite all that inspiration, I decided to work from a basic outline this time.  With only two episodes remaining, a lot of loose ends need to be tied up once and for all and I don’t want to miss any details!

I haven’t got a book cover to show you yet but I know what it’s going to be like and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished design! I don’t have a release date projection yet, but I’m hoping to finish up both final episodes before the end of the year. As much as I enjoy writing this series, it’s time to bring it to a conclusion and move on to other things.

I’ve really enjoyed the cover art for this series. As much as I like the combined volume art, the individual books have been fascinating. How many variations on a clock design can an artist come up with? I will give you a hint: the next one is going to be a little steampunky. Just a little. I’m not going to start writing airships into the story! If this series were to add categories beyond time travel science fiction, it would have to be magical realism.

Anyway, the next one is in progress! We’re going to explore the newest character more fully revisit certain longer established characters as well. Personally I can’t wait to see what happens.