Day trip – Lowry


I’ve been naughty and escaped from my isolation for an entire day to visit The Lowry – a permanent exhibition situated at The Quays, Salford. An artist who is unrated by many due to the child-like nature of his most popular work, but admired by me since childhood. I have a print of ‘Going to the match’ pinned beside my writing desk, so sit and ponder the figures most days.

The exhibition spanned the breath of Lowry’s work from his first still-life of painted apples through to the renown mills and chimney landscapes – quite a contrast in both style and colour. 

I’ve worked several aspects of Lowry’s life and work into my next festive book, ‘Christmas Wishes A The Lakeside Cottage’ as a significant theme, so wanted to enjoy the prospect of having completed the book, while I can. Finger crossed, I get to celebrate on publication day!

Up-coming events will anchor me at home for many weeks, so I took full advantage of my one-day pass! Though I still had to stick to my task of avoiding covid in every instance, otherwise my op gets cancelled.