Chapter Two : Not as I had Expected

    The last time I told you about the next chapter in my own life I was about to embark on. Well, the page didn’t start as how I had hoped, planned, or expected.

    By now I should have been 3000 miles away. Yes, I expected to be typing this post at my desk, sitting on my comfy chair. As well as airing and pressing my tartan dress in readiness for the Burn’s suppers I speak at.

    Well I’m not, fate had something else planned for me and I’m still in Scotland, after breaking my ankle in five places. Ouch, that was me remembering. Nothing comfy about sitting, or standing at present.

    My outline for the new chapter in my book of life has just been torn into small pieces and thrown into the sea. Will I catch some of the pieces soon to place them all back together? Who knows? Have a great weekend amigos. Send some positivity my way.

 No suppers for me this year. Hey, who wanted haggis anyway?