Buy my stuff on ebay!

After someone bought a print copy of one of my comics through my website (which is a thing you can do) I’ve decided to put them all up on ebay.

I could have created a proper shop front on my site, but to be honest this makes it all much easier to manage as I’ve used ebay for many years anyway.

Considering that it’s unlikely that any conventions will be happening until the dark end of this year, and I’m sitting on books and comics I had printed for events now cancelled, I think we can help each other here πŸ˜†

They all come signed by the way!

So, here’s the list with links, and you can of course buy multiple items to combine and reduce postage.

Powerless: A Superhero Novel (book #1) –
Killing Gods: A Superhero Novel (book #2) –
Die Famous: A Superhero Novel (book #3) –
The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories –
Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery –

Powerless: Some Kind of Hero –
The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 1 –
The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 2 –