Book 3 rework going well

In my last post I mentioned how I had to do quite a bit of rework on the third “Powerless” book, and now it’s done! In total it’s down from 65 chapters to 44, thanks to merging many together and excising some totally, such that now even just reading the outline seems much pacier.

It’s weird how you can get ‘stuck’ on certain ideas that end up becoming roadblocks to progress. It sometimes pays to be able to ‘zoom out’ and take a much more distant view of the work to allow yourself to spot what is causing sticking points or stretching out the pacing of the book.

In any case, this rework has also reduced the word count a bit, so this will probably be just as long as “Killing Gods” in the end, and not another potential murder weapon like the print edition of the first book!

Some disappointing news too – my original cover artist Harry isn’t available any more, so I’m going to have to hunt for a replacement. Only disappointing for me of course, as he’s gone and achieved a nice art director role in the games industry so hasn’t the time to do commissions any longer. Not only that, the company I use to print my convention banners is no longer producing them, so I’ve got to find reprographics place to replace them. Was it something I said?