Michelle Beattie’s HER PIRATE TO LOVE – Ruthless Pirate, Gracious Pirate… The Heroine Experiences Both

Tracey Ann Miller’s LOVEWEAVER – Viking Weaver of Spells Falls for Saxon Warrior


Sandra Hill’s THE NORSE KING’S DAUGHTER – Fanciful yet based on good research…a Viking Adventure!

Sharon Key Penman’s A KING’S RANSOM – The Rest of Lionheart’s Story…


Regan’s Top 20 Historical Romances

Kathleen Givens’ The Wild Rose of Kilgannon – A Wonderful, Exciting Story of Clan Kilgannon, a keeper!


Sharon Kay Penman’s LIONHEART – Superb Storytelling brings the King Richard’s Crusade to Life

Victoria Holt’s THE TIME OF THE HUNTER’S MOON – Engaging Victorian Romance with a Mystery


Megan Bryce’s TO WED THE WIDOW – Early Victorian with a Seductive Widow and an Earl’s heir, both want a child and marriage but not with each other

Nadine Crenshaw’s SPELLBOUND – A Great Medieval from a Great Author… a Keeper!

Kathleen Kirkwoood’s HIS FAIR LADY- Excellent Medieval Romance!

A murderous assault on the village of Vaux leaves

Susanna Kearsley’s THE SPLENDOR FALLS – A Hunt for a Medieval Treasure in a Town in France

Virginia Heath’s THE DISCERNING GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE – Clever Regency Well Told

Collette Cameron’s HIGHLANDER’S HOPE – A Regency With a Highland Twist!

Shirlee Busbee’s FOR LOVE ALONE – Murder, Mystery and a Marriage of Convenience… oh, my!

Dawn Knox’s THE DUCHESS OF SYDNEY – Historical Romance set in Sydney, Australia

Joanna Bourne’s THE FORBIDDEN ROSE – Superb Prequel to the Spymaster Series set in France!

Anthea Lawson’s TO HEAL A HEART – A Well-written, Intriguing Love Story set in Crete and England

Maggie Mooha’s IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – Two Scarred People Find Love in the Crimean War


Betina Krahn’s THE PARADISE BARGAIN – Superb Storytelling in This Tale of the post American Revolution Whiskey Rebellion!

 Krahn has written a superb romance, even more, she has developed winning characters, people you would…

Danelle Harmon’s LORD OF THE SEA –American Privateers in the War of 1812!

 Set during the War of 1812 in the Caribbean, this is the story of Capt. Connor…

Judith E. French’s WINDSONG –Wonderful Tale of the Irish in America, and Adventure in the French and Indian War

I love French’s stories and was pleased to find this one set in America at the…

Lauren Laviolette’s LOVE AMONG THE RABBLE – Wonderful Love Story Spanning America’s War of Independence

July is Patriotic Historical Month where I feature love stories from America’s fight to be a…

Sally Platt’s CLYDE CONNOR – Mail Order Brides in Montana Find Their Prospective Husbands Dead… and so begins the adventure!

  The first thing you might notice about this story is the author’s unique “voice”. Platt…

Dorothy Dunnett’s GEMINI – A Fitting End to a Great Series

I’m taking time out from my Western reviews to review the last book in a great…