#BoldAudio Day

The Lost Girl in Paris is Golden in Australia… thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day and a big smile for my mom when I was 6 years old

The Princess and the Magic Shamrock for #stpatricksday2024

The Princess and the Magic Shamrock for

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and have I got an old home movie with my mom and me dancing… I was 10

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK!

How I lost my car at the UCI Homecoming Festival and my 1960s Memorabilia

‘Sisters At War’ hit #1 in War Fiction Amazon Kindle and thank you New York Times

My Letter to the Editor in The New York Times re: E. Jean Carroll and my own personal story

So excited to share my Letter to the Editor in Th

I’m blown away to see SISTERS AT WAR hit #14 on the Amazon Australia Top 100 Best Sellers in Kindle Store and #1 Historical Fiction

‘Sisters At War’ and writing the sequel ‘Sisters of the Resistance’ can be maddening… or why I bought a bunch of Starbucks coffee on sale 

The Last Christmas before the TITANIC sailed… through the eyes of several passengers

Link to: A Slice of Orange blog: My personal journey to writing Sisters At War and me in a blonde wig…

Let’s not forget December 7, 1941… a special letter from an Army nurse named Kitty to her sister on that fateful morning

—————–  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii December 7, 1941 7:

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of the Violence Against Women… and my personal story

I was a Doughnut Dolly…another tale from my wayward youth for Veterans Day

Happy #VeteransDay2023!

So here’s what happened with my Speed Date with a Vampire…

Sisters At War is soon going Global in Amazon Prime Reading

Green Libraries Week and how I made it my own with a memory of my childhood

The Sisters At War journey continues…

thank you to Ginger Book Geek for an absolutely fabulous review of Sisters At War! You gotta see this…

Where is your favorite place to read? Mine is…

… on a park bench in PARIS.

My secret reading list in college for #ReadABookDay

My Paris WW2 story #SistersAtWar is on #NetGalley

Me reading Comics in Italian #ReadComicsinPublicDay

Radio days as Pauline