Who’s Reading and What are You Reading?

I just haven’t been reading. [Read more]

Just when I think the fireworks are over

Just when I think the fireworks are over, some mor [Read more]

You know that sick feeling when you realized you s [Read more]

Unexpected Company

I had a weird thing happen at Costco. [Read more]

Wednesday Brag

So, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve ke [Read more]

Aloha Wednesday!

If all goes well, we’ll be in Hawaii Thursday eve

Wednesday Critters

I walked dogs at the animal shelter last week.

How Do You Choose Books?

I’m enjoying the book I’m currently reading: The

Happy Wednesday and a Yoga Butt Story

When I first saw the term “Yoga Butt” I thought,

Rambling Wednesday

Tuesday was a long day.

Chaotic Wednesday

Is today Wednesday?

Wednesday Tidbit

We are getting painting quotes, and suddenly the

All Things Maggie :-)

This week started off with some shocking sadness.

Rainy Whining

It’s been rainy but nothing huge here in our area

Just a Random Wednesday Question

It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, and I cal

Distracted Brain

True story of my life lately: Yesterday I went to

Taking a Day Off from Blogging Today

All is well here, but I’m taking today off from t

Holiday Roundup

I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christ

Reading and Stuff :-)

I’ve been really enjoying IRON WING, the second b

Some Christmas Questions

If you celebrate Christmas, I have questions!

Wednesday: Throat Update

So I went to the ENT, and I was in and out so fas

Travel Roundup for Wednesday

We’re home! We had such a great trip.

Maggie Is On The Job!

Neighborhood Watch Captain is on the job!


Sure, once I wanted to be a good more, and bestse

Quick Question: Do You Miss Brick and Mortar Bookstores?

I’m in the mood to browse a bookstore until I fin