Famous Friends: Betty and Veronica

These primary characters in the Archie Comics are

Famous Friends: Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe

When music clubs blocked Fitzgerald from performi

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My Goodreads and Amazon review of The Vulnerables

Sneak Peek at The Sister Knot!

An excerpt from my forthcoming novel

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The Goldilocks Question


More Microfiction: Hand Me Ups

Survivor Story: Will We Ever Learn?

“Seventy-five years after the liberation of Ausch

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My latest microfiction, “Uncle Joe,” appears in t

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Darkness and Light: The Winter Solstice

Stonehenge was built to align with the sun on t

Learn History Through Fiction: We Are All Jews


Secrets of Longevity

As an

Survivor Story: Punks and Liars

“Marching from the synagogue to the railroad stat

Webb Wonders

“Webb [telescope] can also see further back in ti

Belated Halloween Question: Why Do Witches Have Green Faces?

There are as many answers to the question of why

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American journalist Varian Fry, working in occupi

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Survivor Story: Heart of Ice

“At some point, my heart grew hard.

Character Rules

“For me the novel is character creation.

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Survivor Story: A Muselmann Is a Goner

“Camp life becomes normal.

Learn History Through Fiction: Diary of a Medic

Mexican American Army medic Anthony Acevedo atten

Survivor Story: Pig Farmers Needed

“The SS officer said they needed prisoners who kn

Can Death Be Brought to Life?

My essay, “Can Death Be Brought to Life?