Dunes and Trees and Intense Writing

Snowdrops in the Garden

Snow Day in Scotland

Where the River Ugie Meets the North Sea

Dreich Days and Squelching Feet

2023 Moments: Dancing, Castles, Books…

Merry Christmas: have TENDU for free!

Calm and Steadfast like a Tree

Fyvie Castle at Christmas

Serenity and Snowberries

Shipwrecks of Aberdeenshire

Let’s begin by walking barefoot along the sands

Running into the Forest…

I walk into the forest along the gnarly loch-side

Strichen Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire

Ballet Terms and Crashing Waves

London, Baby! Ballet, Food, Quirky Streets

My daughter and I took a little trip to London,

Dark and Romantic Books from Scotland

Dance Research in the Dungeon


Autumn Leaves and a Lack of Words

Into the Woods…

Prancing Up the Pirate Steps

I prance up the pirate steps, and I dance down

A Book Nook in a Pink House

A Golden and Blue Writing Schedule

A Celebratory Dance in a Stone Circle

The Beauty of Bow Fiddle Rock and Swan Lake

I had hoped it might be sunny on my recent visit to Bow Fiddle Rock, a…

Up on the Roof of Aberdeen Art Gallery

You can now go up on the roof of the newly done-up Aberdeen Art Gallery. It’s…