Gentle Summer Moments

Gentle summer moments among the daisies… Expan [Read more]

The Ancient Sound of the Carnyx

The Garden is Wild

Cullykhan Bay in Aberdeenshire

I love Cullykhan Bay Near the village of Penna [Read more]

Small Flowers and Writing Affirmations

Bluebells by the Barley

Barley and bluebells Just bluebells.

Dunnideer Vitrified Hillfort and Leith Hall Garden

This beautiful tree sits at the foot of Dunnide

Unconventional Romance and Historical Fiction

Swooning Among the Flowers

Swooning pot on the patio From

The Midnight Marauder

The Midnight Marauder Every night, without fail

Cannula Days Are Here Again

Cannula Days; Hospital Windows A small update.

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

Dunes and Trees and Intense Writing

Snowdrops in the Garden

Snow Day in Scotland

Where the River Ugie Meets the North Sea

Dreich Days and Squelching Feet

2023 Moments: Dancing, Castles, Books…

Merry Christmas: have TENDU for free!

Calm and Steadfast like a Tree

Fyvie Castle at Christmas

Serenity and Snowberries

Shipwrecks of Aberdeenshire

Let’s begin by walking barefoot along the sands

Running into the Forest…

I walk into the forest along the gnarly loch-side

Strichen Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire