Author Stella May’s Delicious Treats and her latest Time Travel Romance Read are on the Menu this Easter…

I’ve got fellow time travel author and friend, Stella May in my virtual kitchen today, baking up some of her delicious Almond Meringue Cookies just in time for Easter. Perfect to serve at your family gatherings, or tuck into your children’s Easter baskets, these sweet treats won’t disappoint, but will disappear! So, without further ado, I’m handing off the spatula. Take it away, Stella…

This recipe
for a classic meringue dessert is easy to prepare and wonderful to eat. My
family loves these cookies as a sweet after a good dinner. If you choose to use
vanilla extract, you’ll have a classic méringue desert called La Bise (kiss in French). Bon appetite!

Almond Meringue Cookies

4 egg
whites, cold eggs right from the fridge

Pinch of
¾ or 1 cup
of white sugar (I use organic raw cane sugar)
1 tbsp. almond
or vanilla extract
12 whole

oven to 200° F.

You need a
hand or standing mixer. Mix egg whites and salt on high-speed to the
consistency of dense foam.

Add sugar
by small portions, mixing well. Try not to stop your mixer while adding sugar. 
Add almond

cookie sheet with parchment. Spoon mixture into 12 cookies. You can use an
ice-cream scoop.  Place one whole almond
on top of each cookie.

Bake for 1
hour. Lightly touch the cookie. It will have a firm crust and a soft center.
That’s ideal. Turn off the oven and leave the cookies inside the oven for 1

Remove from the oven to cool completely. Enjoy!

Here’s a little to intrigue you on Stell May’s latest time travel romance.

months of working like a woman possessed, Nika Morris kept her promise. Coleman
House is finished. It’s gorgeous. Spectacular. Brilliant.

breaking her heart.

once the new owners move in, she’ll be cut off from the time portal to 1909, where
she met and fell in love with Eli Coleman. Now stranded in her own time, she’s
waited months for the key to reappear in its hiding place. Only it hasn’t. Which
means Eli must have believed the terrible things she was accused of.

in 1909, Eli is stunned at his best friend’s deathbed confession of a shocking
betrayal. Nika—his Daisy, his time-traveling wonder—was innocent. Once he finds
the key, he wastes no time stepping through the portal, determined to make
things right.

the moment Eli stumbles into her shiny, noisy,
confusing future, he
realizes reconciliation won’t be simple. There is more than one emotional
bridge to rebuild before he and Nika can return to the time their love was
born—and live their destiny out to the fullest.

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Talented author Stella May is the penname for Marina Sardarova who has a fascinating history you should read on her website

Stella writes fantasy romance as well as time travel romance. She is the author of ‘Till Time Do Us Part, Book 1 in her Upon a Time series, and the stand-alone book Rhapsody in Dreams. Love and family are two cornerstones of her stories and life. Stella’s books are available in e-book and paperback through all major vendors.
When not writing, Stella enjoys classical music, reading, and long walks along the ocean. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Leo of 35 years and their son George. They are her two best friends and are all partners in their family business.

Follow Stella on her website and blog Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.