Author Interview: Joan Havelange

1. Have you ever killed off a character your readers loved?

I am thinking about killing off my protagonist Mabel in my new mystery. “Moving is Murder.” I’m at chapter eighteen. It doesn’t look good for her. I’m very tempted.

2. Have you ever traveled as research for your book?

I have been very fortunate. I’ve travelled to many countries. I set “Death and Denial” in Egypt, a country I visited. I also took a tour of the Nordic countries and Russia. This trip inspired “The Suspects.”

3. Have you ever tried to write a novel for a genre you rarely or never read?

Yes, my next venture after “Moving is Murder, is a Historical mystery set in the 1900s. The publisher has set the publishing date for April 2024.

4. Have you listened to any audiobooks? Which did you enjoy the most?

I listen to audiobooks when I’m at the gym. And this year, my first audiobook, “The Trouble with Funerals,” will be released. I’m quite excited about this. The voice artist is very talented.

5. How do you develop your plot and characters?

I have an outline of what will take place and who, when, what and where. I write mysteries; I have the crime already planned out. But not always whodunit.

6. How do you process and deal with negative book reviews?

I have been very fortunate. So far, I have only had good reviews. Fingers crossed, this continues.

7. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I’m writing my sixth mystery, “Moving is Murder.”. And I have an outline for the seventh, the historical mystery “The Séance Murders.” I have a soft spot for “Wayward Shot.” Probably because it was the first mystery I ever wrote. And a publishing house picked it up.

8. What book (or books) are you currently reading?

The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman.

9. What inspired the idea for your book?

I was a little theatre director for many years. It was great fun, and I met many interesting characters. The drama festivals and actors inspired my latest mystery, “Murder Exit Stage Right.”

10. Whom do you trust for objective and constructive criticism of your work?

My publisher has editors. Thank goodness. But My daughter, Yvonne Rediger, is also a writer. Yvonne is my beta reader; and she is ruthless, which is good. You don’t want plot holes.

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