Among the Lost

Hauntings is the first anthology by the Historical Writers Forum. It was a fun challenge to write a ghost story! I decided to place mine at the Northern Michigan Asylum – now The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.
One of the buildings awaiting renovation
at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

By chance, I had visited this historic site shortly before the inquiry for Hauntings, so it was a ripe idea fresh in my mind. Edith Wharton is one of my favorite authors, and her gothic ghost stories, such as Afterward, were my inspiration for Among the Lost
Steam tunnels at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

I placed a young nurse at the center of a mystery. She fears that a ghost might haunt the asylum grounds, but that is not the greatest danger she faces.
Hallway in an unrenovated building at
The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

You can tour the abandoned asylum buildings if you happen to be in Traverse City. This is, of course, the best time of year to go ‘Up North’ as we say here in Michigan. The autumn colors are beautiful.

But, beware, you just might encounter a restless soul in need of your assistance.
Excerpt from Among the Lost:

A harsh northern Michigan breeze blew off the dark waters of the bay and turned autumn leaves into missiles as I raced across the frozen lawn. Nancy seemed to have waited for me but didn’t quite allow me to catch up. I didn’t pause until I reached the entrance to the shed. She had entered it, as I knew she would, but I began to consider what was inside and why I never saw her come back out.

Freezing and irritated by leaves smacking me in the face, I took a deep breath and pulled the door open.

She wasn’t there.

I found myself at the top of a steep stairway that led underground into an indiscernible dark gloom.

I gulped and closed the door behind me. At least the wind stopped. I peered down the steps, trying to decide if I should descend them. I heard my Dante’s voice in my head.

“Abandon hope all who enter here.”

Knowing I would be angry with myself in the morning if I stopped now, I forced my feet forward…..

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