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Collages: that mythical feeling

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Collages: From sleeping cats to the stars



Tris & Ty (twin brothers)

 At this stage the boys are almost three, and three is the age when Valleur remember…

Saska of the Sylmer

This one of Saska is probably the closest AI take on all the Lore characters so…

House of Valla

  A Golden bloodline through the Ages. Indeed, for the Valleur are also known as the…

Chapter 1: AVAELYN: The Enshrouded World

  Our children are sacrosanct. Avaelyn the world returns to Reaume, that great collection of spaces…

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Chapter 1: Ariel’s Christmas

Before I move on to chapters 1 for Ancient Terra (now that Sanctum’s 4 have been…

Chapter 1: The Nowhere Sphere

  In a nowhere place, everything is possible. At the time of Tianoman Valla’s Naming, a…

Well, this is a first for me …

The Lore of Arcana Page has been unpublished by Blogger, after a complaint, citing it goes…

Chapter 1: The Drowned Throne

  An ancient seat has the power to destroy   From the cesspool of Silas Island…