Update: The secret project


Two weeks in and I’m loving it! I had no idea how it would progress as it has been so long since I hand wrote anything longer than a shopping list or marked school books. Each day, I’ve set aside a time slot in which to hand write and the pages are turning quicker than I expected. I’m curious to know how many words I’ve written but there’s no way I’m cheating on this project, I’ll stick with the plan. Hand write until New year and then spend a week typing up. It shows how conditioned I am regarding word counts and daily progress, so it’ll do me good in the long run.

The storyline is fairly humorous so I’ve found myself speed writing sections as I want to get to the punchline. Obviously, my hand can only write so fast but I’ve become lost in the moment and the words which has felt wonderful. Not that laptop writing doesn’t provide the same energy, but I’ll admit there is something different about this handwriting malarky.

For those that questioned why I’m using green ink – it isn’t because of my name but because I had bottles of the stuff from when I was a teacher. We had to mark in green ink so it made sense to use it on a project then keep staring at it. I’d prefer purple, but then those of you who know me, already knew that little detail. 

From midnight tonight, I have NaNoWriMo to contend with but I’ll continue my daily handwriting time slot and give you an update in a few weeks.