Update for May – part II

My plans for May involved my copy edits deadline which was a two week window. My copy edits worked out fairly well, all was kind and gentle, so I completed the task ahead of the game on the 12th. It was necessary to switch a couple of sections and confirm dates so the easiest thing to do is reread the manuscript ensuring everything is as it should be. Now, proofreading doesn’t usually happen at this stage, but I thought why not? I’ve spent the last two days proofreading which confirms that the amendments made are correct and in the long run will ease the final process. It means I’ve read from a ‘dirty’ copy as I call it with track mark comments attached but I’ve managed. I’m current 57% of the way through and hope to complete on Sunday. When proofreading, I read the book aloud so my voice is hoarse and the dog thinks I’ve lost the plot!

One lovely addition having proofread this copy – I’ve fallen in love with my Christmas story, again. Which always happens to me at this stage. You can spend so long looking for errors, negative aspects and flaws of the story that when you finally read the complete work after many weeks, you surprise yourself.