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Researching in Situ

We had a great day visiting Culross in Fife again, which is mentioned in my current Work in Progress. It’s the most authentic 16th/17th century village in Scotland and much filmed in Outlander. Last time we explored the Palace, which is not really a palace – this time we walked right up to the top of the cobbled streets to see the old church and ruined monastery.

Culross Palace

It was worth the effort. The magnificent church is still used and I had great fun climbing the rail of the monastery ruins to have a look at what would have been the dining hall.

We, however, dined at the wonderful Red Lion Inn – a fabulous building dating from the late 16th century. Excellent food and ambience – fortunately we booked a table before getting there as it was inundated with people being turned away.

It’s a real step into the past, wandering through the streets of Culross with its many painted dwelling houses beautifully restored, many of them with the date above the lintel.

I mention the Town Building as well in my novel but won’t say why! Better get on with it, now that it’s well past half way as I have a lot to sort out with the story yet. It’s good to get away from the desk though and I always feel more inspired afterwards.