Opening Chapter

    A new year has begun somewhere in the world and it’s nearing the time to say goodbye to 2018 where I am. One thing that I’m itching to do from day one of 2019 is to get back into my writing chair. I can’t literally sit in the chair, as it is inside a container which is being stored in a warehouse after having sailed the Atlantic Ocean, along with all my other worldly goods. So any old chair will have to do at present.

    However, deciding to move lock, stock and barrel 3000 miles away has disrupted my life somewhat and it has been impossible to spend time writing. The container isn’t too far from it’s destination, but I am and I won’t be travelling for another couple of weeks. Therefore, I will have to wait a little longer before my butt settles into that comfortable upholstery once again.

    I’ve had many a sleepless night since we made the decision to move. Mingled in amongst the stress that I’ve felt is an overwhelming feeling of excitement. Last night was one of those nights that I tossed and turned. Thoughts of all kinds racing round and round inside my head. Thinking I was awake when I was actually sleeping.

    Not knowing what the future holds is part of being human, we are expected to tackle and cope with all those curved balls that come our way. Easier said than done. We are all the protagonists in our own book.  As each chapter starts and with every turn of the page our story can move in any direction, through the decisions we make, or the actions we take. Someone can enter, or leave our lives, altering the path we were taking in an instant.   

 Of course, we too have an impact on the lives of others, as the old movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, illustrated perfectly. Yeah, it can be a little scary that sometimes we don’t have full control of our destiny, because of others. Therefore, as my new chapter starts I’m trying to stick tight to the outline I’ve mapped out inside my head. Never, trusting an outline for a story to memory I have notes jotted down in a little, blue, notebook too. Belt and braces.

    Whatever, your new chapter holds for 2019, I wish you peace, love and strength for the pages you are about to have written in your life.