If you could change history, would you?


We all know the past
is the past, but what if you could change history?

We asked eight historical
authors to set aside the facts and rewrite the history they love. The results
couldn’t be more tantalizing.

What if Julius Caesar
never conquered Gaul?

What if Arthur Tudor
lived and his little brother never became King Henry VIII?

What if Abigail Adams persuaded
the Continental Congress in 1776 to give women the right to vote and to own

Dive in to our collection
of eight short stories as we explore the alternate endings of events set in
ancient Rome, Britain, the United States, and France.

An anthology of the
Historical Writers Forum.

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Meet the Authors:

Samantha Wilcoxson

Wilcoxson is an author of emotive biographical fiction and strives to help
readers connect with history’s unsung heroes. She also writes nonfiction for
Pen & Sword History.

loves sharing trips to historic places with her family and spending time by the
lake with a glass of wine. Her most recent work is Women of the American
Revolution, which explores the lives of 18th century women, and she is
currently working on a biography of James Alexander Hamilton.


Sharon Bennett Connolly

Sharon Bennett Connolly is the best-selling author of five non-fiction history
books, with a new release coming soon.

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Sharon has studied history academically
and just for fun – and has even worked as a tour guide at a castle. She writes
the popular history blog, www.historytheinterestingbits.com. 

regularly gives talks on women’s history; she is a feature writer for All About
History magazine and her TV work includes Australian Television’s ‘Who Do You
Think You Are?’




Cathie Dunn

Dunn writes historical fiction, mystery, and romance. The focus of her
historical fiction novels is on strong women through time.

loves researching for her novels, delving into history books, and visiting
castles and historic sites.

stories have garnered awards and praise from reviewers and readers for their
authentic description of the past.




Karen Heenan

an only child, Karen Heenan learned early that boredom was the enemy. Shortly
after she discovered perpetual motion, and has rarely been seen holding still

lives in Lansdowne, PA, just outside Philadelphia, where she grows much of her
own food and makes her own clothes. She is accompanied on her quest for
self-sufficiency by a very patient husband and an ever-changing number of

constant: she is always writing her next book.




Salina B Baker

Baker is a multiple award winning author and avid student of Colonial America
and the American Revolution. 

lifelong passion for history and all things supernatural led her to write historical
fantasy. Reading, extensive traveling and graveyard prowling with her
husband keep that passion alive. 

lives in Austin, Texas.




Virginia Crow

Crow is an award-winning Scottish author who grew up in Orkney and now lives in

favourite genres to write are fantasy and historical fiction, sometimes mixing
the two together. Her academic passions are theology and history, her
undergraduate degree in the former and her postgraduate degree in the latter,
and aspects of these frequently appear within her writings.

not writing, Virginia is usually to be found teaching music. She believes
wholeheartedly in the power of music, especially as a tool of inspiration, and
music is often playing when she writes. Her life is governed by two spaniels,
Orlando and Jess, and she enjoys exploring the Caithness countryside with these
canine sidekicks.

loves cheese, music, and films, but hates mushrooms.




Elizabeth K Corbett

K. Corbett is an author, book reviewer, and historian who has recently
published a short story, “Marie Thérèse Remembers.” She is currently working on
her debut novel, a gothic romance set in Jacksonian America.

she is not writing, she teaches academic writing, something she is very
passionate about. She believes in empowering students to express themselves and
speak their truth through writing. Additionally, she is a women’s historian who
studies the lives of women in eighteenth and nineteenth century North America.
Mostly, she is fascinated by the lives of the lesser known women in history.

resident of gorgeous coastal New Jersey, she takes inspiration from the local
history to write her historical fiction. She is an avid reader who adores tea
and coffee.




Stephanie Churchill

serving time as a corporate paralegal in Washington, D.C., then staying home to
raise her children, Stephanie Churchill stumbled upon writing, a career path
she never saw coming.

a result of writing a long-winded review of the book Lionheart,
Stephanie became fast friends with its New York Times best-selling author,
Sharon Kay Penman, who uttered the fateful words, “Have you ever thought about

books are filled with action and romance, loyalty and betrayal. Her writing
takes on a cadence that is sometimes literary, sometimes genre fiction, relying
on deeply-drawn and complex characters while exploring the subtleties of
imperfect people living in a gritty, sometimes dark world.

lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband, two children, and two dogs
while trying to survive the murderous intentions of a Minnesota winter.




Michael Ross

selling author Michael Ross is a lover of history and great stories.

a retired software engineer turned author, with three children and five
grandchildren, living in Newton, Kansas with his wife of forty years. He was
born in Lubbock, Texas, and still loves Texas.

attended Rice University as an undergraduate, and Portland State University for
his graduate degree. He has degrees in computer science, software engineering,
and German. In his spare time, Michael loves to go fishing, riding horses, and
play with his grandchildren, who are currently all under six years old. 




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