A soggy bloggy story

Well, I never got to write that extra post last w

A day’s dash up to Dordrecht

Time has flown past again and I’ve neglecte

The grave(yard)’s a fine and quiet place

My apologies for the title of this blog in advanc

Frozen creeks and crumbly cottages

This last week, it has been simply too cold to sp

A late start to the new year

Well, here we are eleven days into the new year,

High maintenance hounds

The London Canal Museum

Last week, I mentioned the London Canal Museum in

London past and present

As a child in north London, I was fascinated by

Haute-Marne, the height of French rural loveliness

Well, here is the post I promised you all about o

Autumn: normal service resumed

Since we came back from France on October the 22n

Further forays into France

In September, you might remember we made a trip

A flying visit to France plus other (in)consequential happenings

Open Monuments Day

 I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on

Wrapping August up in style: away days to remember

Over the past weeks of August, we’ve had a

The great Dutch divide

The other day I was reading

Running down the rabbit hole of research

It’s no wonder I can’t get anything written these days. I started off in January with…

Due to Circumstances

It’s been one of those months, or rather spells, when everything I’ve planned has been put…

Who needs TV when we can have this?

In the last two weeks, we’ve had a few adjustments to make owing to Zoe’s illness…

A dog’s life, or rather, life with dogs

It’s been an odd and somewhat anxious week since I last posted. Apart from the exceptional…

Preparing for boating adventures

This past week has been an exceptionally warm one here in our small corner of Zeeuws…

Not seeing the wood for the obstacles

I missed writing a blog post last week because I didn’t feel I had anything of…

Harbour visits and visitors

This post is going to be a relatively short one. Mind you, I’ve said that before…

Zoe’s first spuddle on the Hennie H

After a week of endless rain, we finally had two lovely spring days, so how better…

A Trip to Write Home about, Part 3: the wiggly bits

It seems impossible to think we’ve already been home for nearly three weeks, especially as my…

A round trip to write home about, Part 2

This week, I thought I’d show you maps with a little more detail about our route…