Pretty Penny!

Pretty Penny!

A Pile of Laundry

A Pile of Laundry I hate laundry day!

Dogs Not Allowed!?


At the Lake with you know who!

At the Lake with You, Know Who!

What Does ‘Mopey’ Mean?

What Does ‘Mopey’ Mean?

I can’t find Susan!

I can’t find Susan.

I knew it! She’s gone!

Grumble, grumble, I should have seen it coming, M

Home Alone!

Home alone and very worried, Miss Penny speaking

My Name is Bella. What?

My Name is Bella. What? My name is Bella.

How Many Beds?

How Many Beds? How many beds?

No Complaints, That’s Weird!

No Complaints, that’s Weird!

Kudos to the Vet

Kudos to the Vet Do you remember last weeks blog?

Long Needle and Big Jabs

The Vet What is the one thing I hate more than th

What a Day?!

What a Day?! I kid you not, Miss Penny speaking.

Pass the Penny

Faces and moods of Miss Penny Pass the Penny.

Toys for Me?

Toys for Me!

Bootie Time

Bootie Time The different faces of Miss Penny Fu

It’s that Time of the Year!

It’s that time of the year again, Miss Penny spea

Shoved into the Car

Imagine my surprise when our early morning walk w

Animals in War Memorial

A serious Miss Penny today.

Guess Where I am … Again!

Guess Where I am … Again!

Guarding the Knitting

Miss Penny, the sassy dog, hilariously recounts h

Innocence & Socks!

Miss Penny speaking.

Lake, Lily, Lola & Me!

I survived Thanksgiving weekend, sort of, it was

Squirmy Susan & Sassy Squirrels

Squirmy Susan and Sassy Squirrels, two different