The Power of Three

Today is the 3rd day of the 3rd month….

Embracing the Light Within: My Journey from Paranormal to Yoga

Hey everyone, As I sit here, penning this heartf

Yoga: Where Stretching Meets Zen & Zany! 🧘🙏

Yoga: Where Stretching Meets Zen and Zany!

“The Shadow’s Symphony of Slaughter”

(short story by Sheila Renee Broadway) In the des

Love Yourself, Love Others ❣️

In a world brimming with diversity, each individu

Sharing some social media LOVE!! ❣️

Hey everyone, just wanted to throw a shout out to

“Celestial Serenade: When the Wind Fell in Love with the Sky”

(by Sheila Renee Parker) In a realm where element

“Wellness with Sheila”

Happy Monday, everyone!!

“Auld Lang Syne: Embracing Tomorrow’s Tapestry”

(short story by Sheila Renee Parker) As the clock

“Yule’s Embrace: A Wiccan Winter Solstice Tale”

(short story by Sheila Renee Parker) In a quaint

Interview with film producer, Marty Schiff!

Today I am welcoming film producer, Marty Schiff.

“Mystique of the Silver Vines: A Dance with Haunting Secrets”

(short story by Sheila Renee Parker) In the diml

“The Melody of Kindness: Unseen Acts of Joy.”

In a quaint neighborhood, there was an elderly ma

“Whispers of the Hidden Garden”

In a vibrant meadow where wildflowers danced in t

Interview with Reverend Shawn Patrick Whittington!

Today I’m welcoming Reverend Shawn Patrick Whitti

What does it mean to be a Witch?

Unfortunately, throughout the centuries witches h

Hearing Angels

Hearing angels…. ahhh….

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Just a quick little note to wish you all a very H

Revenant’s Grasp

Sarah had never experienced nightmares quite like

A Huge Shout-out for Suicide Prevention!!

A huge shout out to everyone who has helped me re

Raising Awareness for Suicide Prevention!

Hey everyone!

Created with ❤️

Created these beautiful, yet simple bangle bracelets with memory wire and beads. Having neuropathy problems have…

A Strange Phenomenon

Last night something eerie happened! However, it wasn’t the first time, nor will it ever be…

Friday the 13th

Eeekkk!!!! It’s Friday the 13th!!! Hope you’re not superstitious…. Every time the 13th comes around and…

Two of a kind!

Hey everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2023 is off to a great start for…