Lampshading in writing is when you call out atte

Scene Openings

 Here are some tips to ensure a smooth opening fo

Read to Improve Your Writing

 How to read with intent in order to elevate your

Writing From All Sides

 It’s important to see all the elements of

Know Your Characters

Here are 90 character traits for you to think abo

Boring Characters

 That last thing you want in your story is boring characters.

Dialogue Problems

 Here are some common dialogue problems and how to fix them.

Comp Titles

 How do you find comp titles for your story?

Advance Reader Copies

 What are advance reader copies (ARCs) and how are they used?

Rule of Three

 What is the rule of three and how can you use it to improve your writing?…

Picture Book Series

 What’s involved in writing a picture book series or a sequel?

Generic Reactions

 Make your writing more interesting by avoiding these generic reactions.

Submission Ready?

 Here’s a checklist to see if your work is ready to submit.

Audio Books

 Will your book be made into an audio book?

Story Mistakes

 Here are some common mistakes in writing stories.

Rights vs. Copyrights

 What’s the difference between rights and copyrights?

Graphic Novels and Hybrids

 Graphic novels and hybrids are formats and can be any genre such as mystery, fantasy, etc.…

Time in Stories

 An easy way to keep track of time in your story is by putting all the…

Picture Book Templates

 Even if you’re not an illustrator, it helps to make a picture book dummy to check…

Picture Book Biography

 Why do you need a narrative structure in a picture book biography?

Physical Descriptions

 How do you write physical descriptions without it being an infodump?


How to write an ending that satisfies your readers. 

Character Names

 There’s power in your characters’ names.

Bloated Word Counts

 How do you trim your word count without sacrificting your story?

Nonfiction Titles

 Here are some tips for choosing a great title for your nonfiction book.