10 Things Making Me Happy & Eating Purple Food – Starting 2024 Right

My dear Gentle Reader, how about a post featuring

How do my books make you feel? This author asks her readers for emotional support.

Dearest Gentle Reader, Here’s a story about me as

Happy 2024 My Darlings! Here’s the State of Your Gail

In case you missed the Chirrup this month, Gentle

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This is a ton of fun (and chaos) Gentle Reader, a

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Today, Gentle Reader, I’m going to tackle the Tha

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I was doing a little shopping for my friends and

Top 25 Things No One Tells You About Traveling to Thailand

Recently I spent 30 days in Thailand on a writing

Protected: So how’s the new book series doing, Miss Gail?

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50+ Best Bits of Sci-Fi, Science & Cultural Research for Tinkered Starsong

Dearest Gentle Reader, here’s all blog posts and

Vintage Makeup: Favorite Beauty & Skin Care Products for a Retro Look (2023)

I get asked in person (and especially when I do l

In which Miss Gail Invents a Tea! Deep Blue Abyss AKA Space Oolong

I’m not going to bury (drown?

My 90 Year Old Dad Likes Kpop & This Says Something About Living Long & Joyfully

When I was starting out on this journey with my <

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10 Great Kpop Singers & Why They’re Inspiring (Tinkered Starsong Character Influences)

Demigod 12 (the second book in the Tinkered Stars

10 Songs Behind the Tinkered Starsong Series & Why – The Divine Kpop Playlist (BTS, GOT7, BTOB)

With Divinity 36’s release, Gentle Reader, I got

10 Best Bits of Demigod 12 Research: Human Reproduction Ratios & the Dark Side of Fame

Unlike its predecessor (Divinity 36) which is loo

Demigod 12 Cover Art Reveal & Explanation

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10 Best Bits of Divinity 36 Research

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Pronunciation Guide for the Tinkered Starsong Books + Alien Linguistics (no, literally)

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What is an author style guide? How about a style sheet?

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10 Best Ways Readers Can Support Authors They Love

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New Book Divinity 36 is Out Now: Sci-fi from Gail Carriger!

Aliens are coming for us and they want our voices! Cozy science fiction & comforting found…

The Heroine’s Journey Webinar with Gail Carriger presented by Writing the Other

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10 Most Popular Questions About Gail Carriger – Answered

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Sample That Tasty Book! DIVINITY 36, Gail Carriger’s Latest

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