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Another Vacation List for Authors

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Poetry Day: Futility

Yahoo Image Search (The joy of the daily grin?

Writing Out of Season

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A Look at My Vella Results!

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Homonyms with Harmony, Part 8–Commonly Misused ‘E’ Words

This post explores the origins of homonyms—wor

Nanowrimo – Redefining a Win

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Poetry Day: Fragile Form

Google Image Search (Definitely wrote this aft

Metaphysical Elements in Fiction Writing – Scents

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Poetry Day: Followers of Identity

Google Image Search (I don’t really know what

Writing through the generations

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Point of View (POV) #5: UPOVRs

By Stephen Geez If you missed part four, find

A Discussion on Book Titles – How Do We Select Them?

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Poetry Day: Fatherhoods

Star Wars Meme (This poem is about fathers.

Writers, How Do You Measure Success?

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Writing Cultures Not Your Own!

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Metaphysical Elements in Fiction Writing – #PalmReading

Hello, SE’ers! It’s Jan again with a super fun subject today from the metaphysical realm. Have…

Homonyms with Harmony, Part 5–Commonly Misused ‘B’ Words

This post explores the origins of homonyms—words spelt and pronounced the same but with different meanings.…

Writing Echoes: How to Avoid Echoes

Pixabay image Greetings, Storytellers. Diana here today to talk about echoes in our prose. Echoes aren’t…

Flawed Characters – Part II

Hello SE friend, Gwen with you today. Last month, I began a series on crafting flawed…

Poetry Day: Fallen Behind

Google Image Search (This one feels like it’s rather self-explanatory.  Came from a time when I…


Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about writing for different age groups. I started off as…

The Double Conversation

Hi again, gang. Craig with you today, and I want to share a trick I use…

Metaphysical Elements in Fiction Writing – #Mediumship

Hello SE’ers! It’s Jan again with another look at ways to include metaphysical elements in fiction…