Review of Griselda

Griselda on Netflix is a gripping crime thriller

Review of Suitable Flesh

I saw Suitable Flesh on Shudder.

Review of Spirit of Fear

Spirit of Fear, which I saw on Tubi, is a grippin

Zombie Shock Fest

The pages drip with blood.

Review of We Need to Do Something

We Need to Do Something on Hulu is a really grim

Review of The Strangers: Prey at Night

OK sequel to The Strangers. Nothing special.

Burn Hot Burn Long is a Finalist in the BestThrillers Awards 2023

Astounding news.

Cutthroat Express Is a Finalist in the IAN Book of the Year Award for Best Horror Novel 2023

This just in.

The Killer by David Fincher

I saw Fincher’s The Killer.

Five-Star Review for Hotbed

This just in.

Latest List of Literary Awards

Literary Awards for Bryan Cassiday: Winner, “Ind

Burn Hot Burn Long Is Available Now at Smashwords Presale

Phoebe is running for her life after discovering

Cover Reveal Soon for Burn Hot Burn Long

I will soon reveal the cover for my new apocalypt

Burn Hot Burn Long is available for preorder

My new horror thriller Burn Hot Burn Long, the ri

Brand-new Zombie Omnibus Boxed Set

Check out the new Zombie Apocalypse omnibus boxed

New Zombie Box Set

A bigger and bloodier zombie box set is on the ho

Hotbed is Free on Kindle

Don’t miss out. My new apocalyptic horror thriller Hotbed is FREE on Kindle for a limited…

Hotbed is a Finalist

This is a pleasant surprise. My new apocalyptic horror thriller Hotbed is a Finalist in the…

Hotbed Excerpt

Copyright © 2023 by Bryan Cassiday All rights reserved. No part of this book may be…

Special Presale for Hotbed

Bryan Cassiday’s new apocalyptic horror thriller is now available for presale at Smashwords. Phoebe follows her…

Hotbed Coming Soon

Only 10 more days to go. Bryan Cassiday’s horror thriller Hotbed will be released on June…

Cutthroat Express is an audiobook

Cutthroat Express is now a nightmarish audiobook on Audible. Buy it today, sit back, and feel…

Horde is Free

Horde (Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series Book 6) is FREE on Kindle for a limited…

Hotbed–Apocalyptic Horror with a Vengeance

Available for preorder at Barnes and Noble. The nightmare of the quarantine of a virus that…

At My Door

Look what I received at my door today. A proof copy of my upcoming horror thriller…