Author Interview: Bonita Highley

1-What made you want to be a writer and author?

As a child I was fascinated with behind the scenes on t.v. shows. That’s what sparked my interest to be a writer and author.

2-Do you listen to music while writing?

I play music while I write and think over ideas. I write the parts first, then put it all together to a finished book.

3-Does your writing energize you or tire you, or both?

Writing energizes me. It allows me to write my imagination on paper.then type it up into book format.

4-How do you come up with the title and names of characters?

I have to admit it as a challenge to find a unique title to go with those characters. Something quite different and unique apart from other author’s stories. My secret? I don’t read other people’s stories because I don’t want to use ‘Recycled ideas.’ but only from my own imagination.

5-How do you develope your plot with characters,?

Seriously, the ideas just enter into my mind naturally, the action parts first, then other settings such as adventure, plot, and personalities,

6-Have you ever killed off a character in your book?

Now if I divulge the answer to that, it would ruin the means to the story, wouldn’t it? You’ll have to read to find out.

7-Do you have Paper books, Ebooks,or Audiobooks?

I do Paper book and E-Books, Audiobooks will be soon.

8-Is there any authors that inspire you?

My inspired author is Nora Roberts. She contacted me about her new book promotion and encouraged me to keep writing even through life’s tough issues.

9-How Do You celebrate when you finish a book?

I celebrate by adding a beautiful cover to my story that I created, then upload the book to websites like And then just have fun with joy to promote them.

10-Anything else you want to add?

In the three years I have written eight books, It really did help me keep focus on my life’s happiness through difficult times.

Author Bonita Highley-Book:

Detective Liam Niles: The Diarium Of Lady Tauna Drake

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