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The work of a high priest

Outlining Finesse, Part 4

By Stephen Geez This is the final installment


After a much needed vacation to a nice c

YKYMP #224: Under The Skin

The season of loss

Spring has become the season of loss.

Thursday – A Little Personal – Playtime

  “I see you have a few of your toys here in the p

(Excerpt) Sci-Fi mystery THE HERO VIRUS. Fear spreads like a disease, but what if heroism swept the population like a contagion that eliminated caution, the basic survival switch in the amygdala of the brain?

“5-stars for being so different from other a

Be a dandelion

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for APRIL 10

I have not read most of the new releases listed (

Less Than Two Weeks Until Book Launch

Happy Wednesday and a Yoga Butt Story

When I first saw the term “Yoga Butt” I thought,


Mother’s Day audiobook party: Love Mom

A select group of authors has joined forces with

Review: The Poison Balance by Lucy Ghose

 The Book:

23 Ways to Disappoint People

When was the last time something disappointed yo


TV review:Forensics: The Real CSI.

Peeking Donkey

Justice, San Francisco Style

No Justice for the Deceived by Nancy Herriman <

Facing Fears In Writing And Life With Rachael Herron

How can you overcome your fears and make a life c

Spotlight on Secrets We Keep

I’m happy to welcome Wild Rose Press author Valer

Guest Post: A Writer’s Imagination by Paranormal Romance Author C.D. Hersh…


Creative Crocks Week: Today Leigh Russell

#Fantasy Worth Reading: A Starlet’s Secret to a Senstational Afterlife #BookReview #fantasybooks #Booklover

  Looking for a fun and fantastic read with a bit

Rural Manitoba Memories by Leanne Dyck (family memoir) part 1

 Writing purchases for the writer a kind of immor

The Easiest Way to Get YouTube to Auto-Sync Your Video Script